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that old familiar place calls me back........


I won't apologise for my absence because I have been learning,growing,evolving & for that I am thankful
I've read some friends entries and am surprised and touched by some of the things that have happened to you all

I hope that everyone's taking good care & I'll come back soon & post some real stuff soon



you know it's funny the older I get,the further I step into the wildnerness that is my future,

the more often it is I find myself glancing back to the that old care worn friend for answers

the past,that which has gone before
or,( and props to dictionary.com) "the events, phenomena, conditions, etc., that characterized an earlier historical period"

for guidance in uncharted waters,where I'm growing every for sure,becoming stronger,happier more complete and whole

and more like

the me I used to be.....

impressed by sunny days and shiny sneakers

 full of sparkle bright a luminous
multifacted flitter forging forward

trailblazing bright full of might

strawberries in the shade and

high above the cherry tree

whispered secrets revealed to me

a world where "believe"

was all the magic there needs to be


ka kite xoxoxox

chickenheads wanna mess........

What do I say?


Just be sure you can hack the pace coz hell is hot :D

it's funny

how you think the world is one way

then one thing changes and in an instant everything is different

it's important for me to remember,that in life there is sunshine and rain and it's ok to experience both :)


has it really been 17 weeks!?!?!

thats such a looooooooong time and so much has happened

i......started a new job (after almost 10 years at the last company!) which is a total change of tack in both undustry and role,its exciting but some days I think what the fuck have I done!?!

i.......started doing sureslim and have lost about 20 KG

i.......turned 29 which to me is huge coz after 29 is well.30

i.....decided i dont really need therapy anymore coz i've basically worked through everything

i.....started seeing a guy! its casual but im so proud of myself for even letting someone  new that close to me,and its working just the way it is right now :)

i decided that home is where the heart is! i'm moving home and i couldnt be happier,i miss my family and being a westie so much

i....finally got the idea for the book i'm gonna write.

i ...discovered a new favourite quote which helps keep me sane in my panic moments at work

"always remember you have within you the strength,the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world"

- Harriet Tubman

...So I feel like I am finally becoming me,who I am,and it sure feels good to stand in the sunshine...

this is how I'm supposed to be







just the way I am now.I love the new path I'm on,its so exciting

further updates to follow!


salutations and celebrations

 what upppppppp peoples in the land of of the journal that is live!


Again,I've neglected my journal shamefully,but I'm here now & y'all had better things to do  that listen to me rant,right?

Thought so :D

So...work has been stressful,eventful and challenging......i am more confident of my ability to maintain harmonious relationships and bring abotu positive outcomes

so like.... PROPS TO ME YO!

Stuff at home is good....yay..i love living out here amongst my friends and my pets and the countryside.....its peaceful,and for once I am content

Still working on all my issues,its gonna be a long road but I'm equipped and prepared and making such great progress

take care bunnies & let me know  how you are all doing



i want to write but it seems like the 

connection between my soul and my fingers is 

broken words lost in transit

lose their impact

chip off the faded shine

see inside the smile

the other side from before 

So I smile and say it's ok

Peace and I'm out

save for another day

the  feelings my soul is harbouring

feeling anxious

and I don't know whyyyyyyyyy
lol but thats generalised anxiety disorder for ya
haha im a mental case

I'm gonig to Palmerston North to visit Nicole and her new bebe William!

I can't wait......

I seriously didn't  realise how much I needed a  holiday.....just to get out of Auckland